My Story

2016-02-15 12.10.02Hi! I’m Melanie Byrne – Thanks for stopping by!

I don’t have a perfect body, I tend to stress eat, I need to improve time management, and I aspire to live a healthy lifestyle that includes whole foods from clean sources and daily exercise, and I try to motivate others to do the same.  In a perfect world my life would also include daily meditation, reading for growth, gratitude journaling and yoga, along with monthly pedicures, massages, and more coffee dates with girlfriends. But life’s not perfect, yet I feel spoiled every single day.

I love my Pug furbabies! Snug, aka Pedro and Sox, aka Toots. Born 3 months apart, not related, they became my little family in 2004. When I got them at Pet stores I didn’t know about Puppy Mills or the state of our Animal Shelters, but now I’m a big advocate for “Adopt – Don’t Shop!”  I enjoy photographing buildings, landscapes and my Pugs and Humberto the Chihuahua, whom my boyfriend and I found lost in the streets of San Antonio in 2015. I like to work on remodeling projects and diy projects around the house, I crochet once in a while and I love to learn. I wish I could spend more time on learning and reading.  

I’ve been working in the Fitness Industry as Group Fitness Instructor and Manager, as well as Personal Trainer since 1994. But in 2013 I decided I needed to see more of my family in Germany and now I work on growing our family’s business in the US.  We make unique tools like Safety Grips to carry glass, drywall, stone and sheet metal, and fastening tools that I’m proud to say my father developed and patented. And I represent some pretty hard to find Office staplers and hand finished Luxury Desk Accessories.

But from 2001 until 2013 I had one of the best jobs I could have ever wished for!

I was the Group Fitness Director for a large gym in the Las Vegas Valley, where I gained a lot of experience in mentoring new Group Fitness Instructors as well as motivating them to cross over to Personal Training. The Las Vegas Athletic Clubs are beautiful health clubs and as part of a team I also helped design the gym areas specifically set up for women.

With the help of an amazing Team of Instructors I was able to successfully grow the Group Fitness Department from 88 Instructors at 4 small locations to 260 Instructors at 7 larger locations, offering 770 weekly classes. And through a mix of mostly freestyle classes, that our creative Instructors brought to the schedule, Les Mills, Zumba as well as Beachbody Programs, our schedule provided a truly mixed menu of classes in the Las Vegas Valley.

So with 20 years experience as registered Yoga Teacher, ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, I still have a PASSION for motivating others to reshape their lives, and I do that by coaching people in online accountability groups.

Now I am excited to motivate people no matter where they are!

Whether you need help to improve your health and fitness, you want to become a Group Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer, or you don’t know where to start with setting up a new Group Fitness Program, please don’t hesitate to message me!

You can also click the “Free Coaching” tab to get access to tips and recipes to help you live a healthier lifestyle.