3 Day Cleanse: Jump Start With Shakeology 

3 Day Cleanse: Jump Start With Shakeology 

3 Day Cleanse: Jump Start With Shakeology 

ASSESS Yourself – do not judge!

Before leaving town last Saturday, I took my progress stats from doing 21 Day Fix Extreme. I had lost a few more inches, a couple more pounds and I could see a slight difference in my photos. I had a good feeling that this past week would be off track. My movement was standing all day and walking, some stretching at night
That’s actually more standing than I get when I workout. My food….was all over the place.

So I weighed in today telling myself “don’t judge, just assess!” I gained 3lbs of what I would call bloat and I’m going to lose it with this 3 day Shakeology cleanse. I probably won’t do it full force until Monday and this weekend simply focus on adding my workouts back in

I do think it made a big difference that during this week I continued my Shakeology and my gallon of water.

Anyone want to do the Shakeology Jump Start with me?! To order your Shakeology email me at melanievbyrne@gmail.com or if you order through the main site, enter my Coach ID 509195 Melanie V. Byrne to get me as your Coach and work with me for free.

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