6 Week Summer Progress

6 Week Summer Progress

6 Weeks From BEFORE to AFTER, coming back from a camping trip with PMS?

YOU probably can’t even detect the bloat I lost. I don’t have progress stats to share and if you don’t know me, you might think I’ve always been at this stage.

But I haven’t and here’s what I will tell you about that ACTUALLY DOES MATTER…

➡️If you’re not working to get healthier, stronger, better….you’re allowing yourself to get worse!

THIS is about the strength I gained, both physically and mentally.

This is about the anxiety I checked.

This is about the treats I eat without guilt.

This is about maintaining my health both physically and MENTALLY in a world that is changing daily.

My body could do always learn to do awesome things in the first photo and I have learned to get strong AF quickly. I have naturally wide shoulders and I’ve always said stronger shoulder, smaller waist….I’m all about the optical illusion ?

I have learned when I eat MORE I see more muscle gains and since I don’t eat meat, I sometimes have a hard time hitting that protein recommendation [but I DON’T drink protein shakes and if Longevity is your goal, you don’t need that much anyway!]

My weight no longer drastically changes (and I’m still working on that #last10pounds) but my body is getting stronger, faster and leaner from LIFTING MORE WEIGHT….not from more cardio [anyone else hate cardio??‍♀️]

But none of that could happen without the community I get to lean on everyday and the mindset work I do.

Because you can do so much more when you have someone who BELIEVES in your ability to do hard things until you can Belive it yourself!

Someone did that for me and now I am paying it forward! I am Showing up to prove you ARE capable of harf things.

I am so thankful to have a plan and a community that builds me up and helps me enjoy life while still building my body strong.

If you want to know what workouts I didto get here, what types of foods I eat and how I am able to get and maintain these results, I invite you to join me in my next #Reshapefitclub

To get the details fill out this form and I’ll send you info on how you and I can do this together!