80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession

Today was the last day of that eighty day transformation I was on with my fitclub friends and I feel like I should make a bigger deal about it.

But instead I’m nervous about weighing myself, anxious I won’t see changes in my progress pics and afraid I will let people down by not having the results I’ve seen others have.

Yet here’s the thing…
I did my workouts every day or caught up if I had to miss two for travel. Not everyone was able to do that because…life! If you’re just a few workouts behind I hope you will finish this coming week❤

I didn’t nail my nutrition. I changed some things because I’m confused whether I want to eat animal protein or not and how much because we’re a family of learners and sometimes the more you learn, the more confused you get.

I also slipped…ok, steered right off course, a few times because sometimes I want to numb my thoughts. There. I said it. A few times I had wine in a controlled manner and a couple of times I straight threw caution to the wind. But you better believe that I did a whole lot better than had I not committed to my imperfect yet consistent actions!

You want to know what I got out of this program other than weight loss?

– my boyfriend’s admiration for consistently pushing my workouts
– I lost my, ok reduced, my ocd about my workout time and about getting interrupted
– I reshaped my butt…instead of the tightness of my jeans squeezing it into place?
– I don’t know if I really look better naked [and no, I won’t let you be the judge], but I sure feel more confident and sassy in my birthday suit
– I sure as heck can lift heavy stuff and don’t need to ask others for help

I’m sure there’s more. For now I’m going to give my body a day of rest, take progress pics tomorrow or Monday, weigh myself in a couple of days and spend the next two weeks doing a few other workouts.

And then….I will do it all over again because I can not wait to see my progress after a second round of this! If you want to do it with me…you can see I survived, it’s not about being perfect and you have me for support.

The scariest part for you is probably just to ask for my help…and I promise I will be kind!