A Strong Core Is Better Than 6-Pack Abs!

A Strong Core Is Better Than 6-Pack Abs!

A Strong Core Is Better Than 6-Pack Abs!

Truthfully, have you ever wanted a six pack ✨ before?

What does having abs even really mean ?!?

I mean sure, it would be nice to rock a six pack, but did you know that there is SO much more to having a strong core than just the look?

These are just 5 of the benefits that come with strengthening your abdominal muscles:

Helps Realign Your Posture 

By having a strong core, it will help you stand up straighter, which will in turn help your posture. 

You’ll Sleep Better

Obesity has been considered one of the major factors in sleep ? apnea. By having a stronger core, it means you will have less abdominal fat, causing you to sleep better. 

Improves Your Balance

Core exercises help your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together.

Eliminates Back Pain

By strengthening your core you are creating better posture, meaning you are less likely to suffer from back pain when you are standing up straight. 

Helps Prevent Injury

Most of your movement starts at your core and moves outwards. A rock-solid abdomen will help ensure your movements are strong and pain-free. 

What do you perceive to be a benefit of having a strong ? core? JOIN THE CONVERSATION.