Adjusting Your Tastebuds

Adjusting Your Tastebuds

Wasn’t really feeling hungry yet but SNACKY and cravy so I felt filling up on a Vegan Chocolate Shake with PB Fit, coconut oil, collagen peptides, focus boost and flax was healthy and satisfying. I loooove flax fiber 🙊 and one scoop of collagen peptides makes it creamier without having to add frozen fruit or plant milk.

I think I feel snacky because of what I ate last night….I actually feel like I binged. Being between rounds of my Fitness Program and being emotional over my dog passing, I definitely practiced less discipline the last three days.

But the great thing about ADHERING to any guidelines, whether that is quit drinking alcohol for one month, quit chocolate for lent or having meat free days, is that even when you throw that rule out the window for a short time, you will DO LESS of it.

This morning I thought of making waffles, albeit clean versions. But by the time we got back from our morning routine at the pool and had decided we wanted to walk up a trail before it gets too warm, i was too lazy and opted for Ezekiel toast with coconut oil, cinnamon and sliced banana. And as I sat there I realized that was a lot more satisfying than I remember the waffles ever being. They’re usually just a gut bomb.

Change is hard but Your taste buds will adjust, I promise you that!