Back To…

Back To…

Now that Summer is over, what’s something you want to GET BACK to doing?!

Take your morning routine for example. If your line up doesn’t include listening to  @jonacuff ALL IT TAKES IS A GOAL at least once a week, go add his podcast right now so you don’t miss some of his BEST public speaking right from your home! Or wherever you listen.

In his latest episode he talks about the two SLINGSHOT months of the year: January is the obvious one when we feed off the community vibe of the New Year’s Momentum.

But the second one is SEPTEMBER and when you listen in, you will see that’s how YOU might have been feeling, too.

September is a GREAT month to GET BACK to some of your goals and habits you may have lost track of over the Summer.

What’s something you want to GET BACK to doing???