Coaches Change Lives

Coaches Change Lives

Coaches Change Lives

​Coaches Change Lives! They sure have changed MY LIFE ❤

Almost 2 years ago my friend Aryann invited me to her Challenge Group. I don’t think she even knew how much I NEEDED that invite after I returning from 3 months with my family, of which my Mom spent 52 days in ICU in a half coma. 

My fitness was non existent, I had Anxiety, and had lost all concept of healthy eating.  On top of that I had started working my tool business from home and literally all my closest friends had moved away. I felt alone.

I needed support, motivation and simply a change when I enrolled with Piyo, Vegan Chocolate Shakeology and the Coach discount.  I became a Coach without any intentions to coach!!!

I just had to work on me.  It wasn’t a quick fix change, it wasn’t always ever lasting. Yes, I had setbacks.  And I still struggled.

Then I started coaching a little here and there to hold myself even more accountable to my fitness – just the way TEACHING Group Fitness had done in the past.  I even did my part in growing our team.

But you know WHEN I started seeing PROGRESS?  I started seeing and FEELING changes when I realized that TEAM KNOCKOUTS wasn’t just a group of Coaches who share “how to” and company information.  

I still struggle with Anxiety.  I don’t jump up in the morning and love to work out, I basically just want to get it over with. And I don’t always eat clean 100%.

But when I realized that I wasn’t the only Coach who is “just human” and that I have a whole TEAM of Coaches to count on (literally, we call, text, message each other when we need that someone to talk to, even if we have never met in person), THAT is when I FELT my progress that had happened all along.

Look how much our team has grown in one year, and that’s not even showing everyone who had to stay home that day!

Here’s to HELPING others CHANGE their lives❤And if you want to learn more about how Coaching can change your life, send me an email to and ask away.

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