DISTORTED Views and why you need to MOVE…

DISTORTED Views and why you need to MOVE…

This is for all of you who are DOWN on yourself, although you are working on making CHANGES!

This is not a typical Transformation Tuesday post, but more of a side by side of different views, both INSIDE my head and what you see from the outside. I took these photos last week.


LEFT: I was wearing new, very well fitting pants (Fabletics), you know the kind that “pull you in” without being full on Spanx, lol. I was feeling GOOD about how I looked, right after my workout.

RIGHT: The next day I had to take my “Before” pics for the BodyBeast Program. Neurotic as I still am in the whole weigh-in and progress-picture area, I of course took the picture after using the restroom, and BEFORE my workout. Because I DRINK water during my workout, and I was NOT going to drink water before taking this photo – what, and have a water belly?! You must be nuts!

Let’s just say, the picture on the right gave me NO CONFIDENCE.

But I have learned to not let NEGATIVE self-talk ruin my day, and decided to put the two pictures side-by-side to show you something about PHOTO ILLUSION and COMPARING yourself to what you see online.

I had been getting a couple of nice compliments on how I looked on my posts. But when I took the bikini before pics, I felt like I was LYING. The clothes I wore pulled me in, the angles were getting better. And while *most* people are really encouraging no matter where I’m at, I didn’t want to live a fib, so that’s why I put them side by side…WAIT FOR IT…..to show how “chunky I still was.” Remember, this was right after taking the picture, before my workout.

I’m not fishing for any compliments here, seriously. It just caused me to make several OBSERVATIONS:

1. I may see someone else’s progress online and feel discouraged, because I’m not making the same progress. I hope you NEVER feel that way when you see me, because I have had PLENTY ups and downs. The only person you need to compare yourself is YOU.

2. WORKING OUT really does make you FEEL better! I think had I taken the Bikini pic AFTER my workout, my perception at the time would have been different. Because today, a week later, I’m thinking “Well, it’s not THAT much different, with or without clothes.” So work out already, ok?!

3. I’m not saying don’t be hard on yourself. If you want to improve any area of your life, you have to WORK for it. But we can be such DOWNERS on ourselves. If that’s you STOP and think “Am I being lazy or am I working towards my goals?” You know the answer. If you’re lazy, resolve to do better right away. If you’re working towards your goals, but are not happy with your results, tweak what you’re doing. And that goes for health, fitness, work and life in general.

I don’t know if you got anything out of this, and KUDOS to you if you’re still reading! But for what it’s worth, I had to get this out. We are tricky little creatures….we have distorted views but something as simple as exercise can have a huge effect on how we FEEL and ultimately view things.

So get moving šŸ™‚

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