Do The Mental Work

Do The Mental Work

Do The Mental Work

How do you feel when you have set-backs…Hopefully you are happy with your health and fitness progress, but if you are not, that doesn’t mean it’s a failure, it only means you need to adjust and maybe do a little more mental work.

Currently I am forcing myself to think these thoughts by writing them out to you all: I have already come a long way, and I will not quit. Even when I reach my goal weight, I will continue to work, reassess, adjust.

Today I looked in the mirror and thought I looked good, as in having made progress. Then I filled in my starting stats for my next challenge group and I realized I had gained weight and inches (and not in all the desireable places). It is now the afternoon and I have to admit that I let it bother me. A lot.

But you know what’s DIFFERENT? I used to use that type of situation as a reason to throw in the towel, as a reason to quit, and I would throw all of my progress away. Today I am using it as a reason to adjust, refocus and admit to what hasn’t been working because I tried to find a quicker way, or because I got lazy about tracking and comfortable with my previous progress. So I calculated my Core De Force Meal Plan.


Am I panicked that this is a holiday week without structure? Yes, a little. And I am nervous about being in Plan A and not feeling satisfied.

This will take a lot of Personal Development and I’m returning to my favorite “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.

Make sure your efforts don’t just go into your meal plan and workouts…we have to do the mental work as well ❤ And always know: you are not alone!