FIBER: are you getting enough ?

FIBER: are you getting enough ?

Are you getting enough Fiber???

Fiber may not sound as fun as some of the more recent foodie trends but, it is an oldie and a goodie, and today I want to talk about WHY.

Today’s Tip: Up your fiber to 25g a day if you’re a woman, and 38g for men. And if I’m being honest, I like to get a minimum of 35g myself!

Fiber is your friend and a huge help on your road to digestive health. It also plays a role in keeping away hunger pangs and also carries heart health benefits, too!

It is recommended to get around 22-28 grams of fiber per day (depending on your lifestyle), however, the average American typically gets less than half of that per day.

Here are some fiber-packed foods that are easy to incorporate into your day:
? Black beans
? Brussel sprouts
? Avocados
? Sweet potatoes
? Broccoli
? Turnips