Food Fitness

Food Fitness

**Trigger Warning** I used to think that if I can’t workout, I won’t achieve my health goals, and things like 🍕 and 🍦 were definitely OFF the table.

That’s until I couldn’t workout during Stroke Recovery and I proved to myself that Fitness was about so much more than exercise.

Sure, pushing myself physically absolutely helps me get better sleep and is a major factor in managing my feelings of anxiety, but the balance of what I eat affects so much more of the health spectrum!

I’ve put in the time to learn how different foods trigger breakouts, fatigue, nausea and pain (just to name a few), which doesn’t mean I never eat those foods…

It has however, helped me improve my overall self awareness, knowing what to expect when I make changes in the way I eat and exactly what to do to feel my best again, I just have to DO it.

Here are my 3 easy actions to balance imbalanced Nutrition:

1. Start with 16 oz of water: each day, each meal and each snack.
2. Eat a hand full of veggies before eating anything (ideally even before🍦)
3. Water down Adult Beverages🥂 with ice or sparkling water, alternate water and 🍹 and try some NA 🍻

**If you’re like me and seeing food photos triggers cravings for you, I have a bunch of simple recipe ideas that are “better for you versions” and will scratch that itch. I’m happy to hand them over: