Free Snacking Guide & June Summer Squad Cost

Free Snacking Guide & June Summer Squad Cost

I have been getting a lot of questions about HOW to stop mindless snacking. I think during lockdown we have all developed new habits, some good and some not so good for our hips, and it’s time to reel those back in. 

That’s why I created a “The Ultimate Quarantine Snacking Guide” ~ click to get it for {FREE}

Speaking of HABITS: I used to use the phrase, “I’ll start on Monday” and then, up until Monday, I’d eat junk and feel miserable about myself.⁣ What is so special about Monday?!⁣⁣ I don’t need Monday to love myself. I don’t want to wait to set a positive example for my community.⁣ I press play on my workouts in my Home Office on a Wednesday because I deserve to be healthy and strong and happy.

⁣⁣And so do you! If you’re looking for a support system or a program that will work for your busy life, I want you to know these things:

1. It DOESN’T cost a lot of money!You can get the Total Solution for as low as $140 during the June Summer Sale to get you covered for 12 months of workouts plus 30 days of my daily yellow Spiritjuice that gives me so much Energy. Or start with just 3 months of working out for $39. Already have workouts you love and need to learn HOW to eat for goals? I can help with Nutrition ONLY courses.

2. You have SUPPORT if you want it!You don’t have to do this alone, ever. You will have a whole community to lean on in our private BODgroup app. Check out this video to see what that’s all about.

3. PROGRESS over PerfectionOnce you join, I will help you make a plan and you will know exactly what to do, just talk to me, because THAT’S when our work together actually begins. But I can only help you if you are willing to show up on your bad days. NOBODY expects you to be perfect to make progress. I sure am not! But I am consistent and I lean on our community when I feel myself fading in my commitment to nutrition, fitness or mindset.

Our June Summer Strong Squad is closing for enrollment this Friday and if you are ready to get started, I am here to help!

You can learn more about what is available and submit this Goal Assessment.

Either way, you don’t need a Monday. You just have to be brave enough to start and I’m ready to help!

P.S.: On Monday I had a chance to speak on a Coach Call to share my story of WHY I love coaching. While I think I was rambling, there were some amazing stories on Mindset, major weightloss (Brandi is the first success story in “You Can Drop It!”), and they were all very inspiring! You can watch the RECORDING.