Healthy Food Fast

Healthy Food Fast

Fast food is called fast food for a reason. Putting that meal into a paper bag and getting it into your body is… fast. But is it fuel? Is it healthy? Is living like that sustainable for your body + your mind?

I’m all about balance and would be lying to you if I said I never went for fast instead of function. But that’s not my goal. My goal is to make wellness simple + accessible for everyone…

So I put together this Fired Up! Food Guide with quick eats that can be prepped in no time at all! A lot of these recipes are from the nutrition plans that come with our new Fire & Flow launch next month. So, if you like what you see here, you’ll love this program!

The Table of Contents of the PDF is clickable and will take you right to the recipe you need! Which one looks good to you?

If you’re looking to jumpstart your healthy eating, you can grab my 3 Day Jumpstart for FREE and get both, my regular and Vegan meal planning guides emailed to you.