How To Be KIND To Yourself

How To Be KIND To Yourself

How To Be KIND To Yourself

kindIf you can’t be kind to YOURSELF, be quiet!

How many of you make SELF-DEPRECATING jokes? How many of you, women especially,  get together and have a back and forth about who is fat or fatter, all in good fun of course BUT… your mind will hear that. And what’s worse, the KIDS around us HEAR it and they don’t need that kind of role-modeling!

When I took my before pics for starting a new Hammer & Chisel Program, and then learned I had to post them in the test group I was in. I kind of had seen that coming, but had hoped we would skip it because I looked like I was …. Woah woah woah. THAT’S WHAT I MEAN!!!

What I was about to say could be insulting to someone else and it certainly isn’t helpful for my MINDSET in making a positive change for my life! So why say it! I don’t know about you, but I need to stop labeling myself something I would like to no longer be, and my wish for you is to find the confidence to do the same.

Eliminate the:
🚫I’m fat
🚫I’m a klutz
🚫I’m disorganized
🚫I’m unlucky
🚫I’m old

And change them into something positive. It might not ring true to you, yet. But keep saying it, and it will.

✔I am working out
✔I am strong
✔I am energetic
✔I am kind
✔I am determined

They don’t even have to be the opposite of your negative thoughts, they just have to be positive about you. It’s like eating celery instead of french fries….don’t leave room for JUNK!

But HOW can I practice being KIND to MYSELF?!

A while ago I read the book “A Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen (look up his website by the same name as the book dot com). It’s a very uplifting book and is definitely on my list of recommendations. He has made a game out of BEING POSITIVE:

Place a special bracelet on one wrist and this is Day 1 of your 21 complaint free days. But every time you catch yourself COMPLAINING, GOSSIPING, CRITICIZING, or being SARCASTIC, move the bracelet to the other wrist and you’re back on Day 1. This is of course applied to communication with people in general, but I’m going to apply this to my external and internal self-talk as well! Every time I make self-deprecating jokes, or say or think “I Am” statements of what I no longer WISH TO BE, my bracelet has to switch and I start over.

So who’s with me? Will you wear a bracelet and join me in becoming complaint free?

Feel free to share this with your friends and family, because the less all of us complain, the better we become together.

Until next time,

😊 Melanie

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