If you’re feeling the Post Holiday Funk…

If you’re feeling the Post Holiday Funk…

Post Holiday Blues: I don’t know who needs to read this, but I have some ideas on how to dial down the Funk you might find yourself in after the Jolly Season and none of it has to do with overeating – although your thoughts on whether or not you carried some holiday muffins into the new year with you aren’t helping you.

Now, being in a bluesy funk (rather than dancing to the funky Blues🎷) is quite normal after the festive seaon, you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with that! But when you’re tired of feeling like that, keep reading on.

First off, let’s address the Elephant in the room: WHY am I feeling this way?!

Think off it as a crash after a sugar high. You’ve been engaged in all sorts of festivities. Whether it was attending special events, family gatherings, friendsgvings or work parties. Then there are the LIGHTS – the provide such a hopeful glow during the dark Winter months and now that those are gone and the weather is getting worse, it feels extra dark.

All in all, it’s no wonder that you’re feeling melancholy! So here are aome ideas on how to change your mood when getting sunshine isn’t available in your neck of the woods:

1. Finish your hot showers with a minimum of 30 seconds of COLD water – the more drastic the temperature change and the longer you go, the greater your potential for a mood boost.

2. Go on a trip: can’t get away? Have lunch or coffee on the other side of town, take a roadtrip to the closest town you don’t normally go to. Basically get a change of scenery.

3. Ask a friend what favorite novel they read last year and read it so you have someone to connect with on the twists and turns of the story.

4. Plan something so you have something to look forward to. Not only will you have the joy of anticipation, it will also spark ideas of what needs to get done by then.

5. Learn something new: there are so many ways you can learn something these days. Languages, crafts, courses on how to start an online business (e.g. affiliate marketing).

Essentially getting out of a Funk is all about refocusing your thoughts, because what you focus on expands.

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