I Hated Those Containers

I Hated Those Containers

I Hated Those Containers

Soooo I’ve managed to stick to the Color Containers all week, and I did so without feeling miserable about it, WHOOP!

But did you know I Hated the Containers?

I mean when I first started doing home workouts, and the Fix Program came out I DID it…but my boyfriend had recently moved to San Antonio and it was easier to white knuckle my way through food deprivation!

Truth is that I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND the concept of the containers?! In my eyes, they just represented small amounts of food and I thought I I couldn’t stick to it… it definitely wasn’t something I saw myself using as a long-term Lifestyle!

And you know what, I needed much more than colored portion containers to transition from the unhealthy way of dieting I had been practicing (competition diets without the competition, the Master Cleanse, 500 calorie hcg…).

Here’s my thought…unless you UNDERSTAND the Science behind your Nutrition Plan, it’s just another Fad and possible eating disorder waiting to happen.

I’ve come a long way since then. I learned about adjusting my mindset and recognizing emotional eating triggers. I learned the Science behind fasting for health, methods to make Macros simple for anyone to understand, and tools to stop self-medicating with food and alcohol or sugary drinks just because I feel anxious, angry or tired!

I have become so determined about learning what is best for my health and how to adapt it for the needs and goals of others, that I invested into TWO Nutrition Mentor Certifications! I don’t have all the answers but I feel confident that I can help those who are WILLING to make changes!

If you are willing and ready to change, you can Apply Here for my Nutrition Bootcamp and save money! Because you get access to my April Test Group, you also get $20 off the Promo Kits listed on the application, so make sure to fill out the application and email me at melanievbyrne@gmail.com so I can make sure your application doesn’t go to the Junk folder.