Leaky Gut & Gut Health: when did you hear about it?

Leaky Gut & Gut Health: when did you hear about it?

*Long Post Alert! When was the first time you heard anything about gut health?

For me it was 2014, on a podcast where they mentionedleaky gut, I got a couple of books, and made a few changes, like trying different probiotics. But it wasn’t until 2016 when I started really implementing more – I had to look up my amazon purchase of a book copy I bought after listening to the audible version a year prior.

I learned in phases. Read more. Participated in a Beta Test Workshop. Listened to more podcasts.

It was safe to assume that after years of crap eating and low quality “fitness” supplements, my gut health was in bad shape. I didn’t need a test for that. I had extreme sugar cravings, had uncontrollable crying spells and anxiety, it was hard to lose weight, my sleep was crap and I never felt rested. And I was either bloated or constipated!

Over time I started implementing new habits, adding foods and removing many more for improving my gut health.

BUT, there was ONE Problem….

I learned about and tried different things to figure out what was best for me and my body and what would make me feel my best: fiber, fasting, less meat, microbiome (we took that one too far by drinking from a river in Switzerland ?), self-tested lists of inflammatory foods, and making my own fermented Kimchi for its probiotics.

I actually ENJOYED the learning and the trial and error! And through that process I have learned to know exactly why I’ve been holding on to weight the last few months. But I also know how to correct that.

The PROBLEM was: I didn’t think I could teach others through all this information I had learned! Who would have the patience to go through all that. It needed to be simple, but I didn’t have an easy to follow plan.

Until Now!

In just a couple of weeks I will start coaching a new Nutrition Program that addresses some underlying things that are secretly and quietly holding you back from feeling as good as you can.

I’ll be going through this myself and if you want to feel your best self, let’s do it together. Let me know or get on my info email through this Gut Health ? https://app.melanievbyrne.com/gut-protocol

YOU deserve to feel as good as you truly can!