LIVE workshop series for entrepreneurs & marketers

LIVE workshop series for entrepreneurs & marketers

This isn’t typically in my wheelhouse, but I have always felt a pull to help people figure out their “next step” and most of my life that wasn’t in Health and Fitness, but rather in the search for more fulfilling work.

Whether you are a Fitness Professional, Real Estate Agent, Therapist, Traveling Nurse, Web Designer, Direct Sales Marketer, Event Planner who wants to expand your solo business; OR you have been thinking about starting something of your own to share your expertise, crafts, hobbies or the product you love:

You NEED to know how to do this in the small pockets of time after you’re done with your regular Life Duties. Do you agree?

I know how it feels to have an overflowing cup of IDEAS, yet no clue how to get started, spending time on social media only to get crickets on your posts. 

And I reeeaallly know what it’s like to do things in the wrong order, costing me time and energy.

I understand feeling icky and inauthentic when trying to make a sale to strangers on the internet! 

Can you relate? Maybe that’s why you haven’t even started?!

If you’re worked to the bone, frustrated, overwhelmed, DISTRACTED, and you’d like to actually make more money with your business… 

…I have some great news.

I want to see you move past all those time wasters and take action in the right direction, and I know someone who can help!

If you know Chalene Johnson only from her TV spots or Fitness Classes, you’re missing out on one of the best business trainers out there today. 

She’s built and sold multiple multimillion dollar businesses and has taught countless others to do the same. 

She’s the real deal. So when she has a new live workshop series coming out, I’m here to tell you…don’t miss it!

Right now she’s taking early registration for the {free!!!} business growth workshop week, so snag your spot now before the rush. 

Chalene is getting ready to teach you how to set up your business in the right order. 

She’s gonna let you in on the current best ways to monetize your social media, expand your reach and grow your business faster. 

If you’re second guessing your creative business ideas just because Instagram isn’t giving you the love you deserve…

or you’re simply working your tail off without seeing results…

You simply must sign up!

She’s figured out a better way to do business, and it’s going to change the game for you, I’m certain of it.

Selling doesn’t have to be hard. (Read that again!)

And you deserve to be making more money for all of the hard work you’re putting out there! Right?

You just need the blueprint (and some clarity). Chalene’s giving you all of that, and more, happening LIVE in four days of workshops:


  • THUR April 21st @ 5PM ET / 4PM CT / 2PM PT

Monetize Your Social Media

(even if you have no budget, business plan or followers)

  • FRI April 22nd @ 5PM ET / 4PM CT / 2PM PT

How to Slay Sales without Selling

(whether you already have a business or are just getting started)

  • SAT April 23rd @ 4PM ET / 3PM CT / 1PM PT

How to Build Your Business from Scratch

(even if you don’t have a social media following or know what your thing is)

  • SUN April 24th @ 4PM ET / 3PM CT / 1PM PT

Bret Johnson’s More Money Masterclass:

The Top 5 Ways to Save, Build & Grow Your Finances

These will be recorded and available but only if you sign up BEFORE!

Seriously, this is a MUST event for anyone looking to grow their business.

Sign up here AND Share this with your friends and team!