Mental Health Vacation

Mental Health Vacation

This week was a much needed Reset for our Mental Health…⁣

We didn’t really have a plan other than packing up the van for a roadtrip through Utah, Idaho up into Montana. ⁣

Camping in Yellowstone definitely was a Discovery Stop and a total vacation for the brain:⁣

No calls to swipe away⁣
No emails to decide on ⁣
No to do lists to complete ⁣

Because once we were in Yellowstone we were totally unplugged…no service all the way through our camping site in Montana. ⁣

And even with the possibility of a Black Bear coming back to our camp site, I realized Ihere was NO Stress…⁣

It was total FREEDOM for my brain!⁣

And I didn’t even have to work in it like I do at home.⁣

But it’s time to get back to life and to work so we can achieve the dreams we mapped out during our trip.⁣

There is a time to unplug and a time to go to work…and back to my Morning Mindset routine.⁣

Because it’s your CHOICE of how stressed you will be while living life.⁣

How are you managing your stress? Is it a struggle or have you found a way?⁣