My 80 Day Obsession Results

My 80 Day Obsession Results

Do you ever have doubts that you can do something??? I wasn’t going to do this 80 Day program, for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because I didn’t think I could stick to it. I only ordered the equipment so I could post about it and get into the “exclusive coach test group” with the creator of this program, ya know….to spy like a fly on the wall. And that’s where I changed my mind!

Once I realized that other people were just as apprehensive and anxious about getting started because they didn’t trust they would “get results” and they went for it anyway, I decided I needed to give it my best shot!**

Sure, I felt a bit insecure that I had gained weight for seemingly no reason – not because I had been injured or ill, not because I had some tragedy and not because I had a Baby. I just slipped into the high end of the Overweight category for reasons that are worthy of another post.

But I went for it. I pushed my workouts, 80 different classes, and loved them. I actually really liked the meal plan once I figured it out but I wasn’t 100%. And I assume my results reflect that, and that’s ok.

Normally I would focus so much on what I didn’t do right and what I didn’t accomplish. But this time I am going to allow myself to be proud for having pushed against my Doubts! So what if I’m [still] not at my goal weight. I should consider if maybe it’s a stupid goal to begin with.

You know what I got out of this?

I recognize my emotional eating/drinking signals. I had red wine but had way less than I normally would have when I was on an emotional rollercoaster [everyone has their gremlins]. When I lay on my belly, my booty doesn’t go flat. No really, that’s kind of awesome! I can lift heavy stuff. I feel sassy in my bikini [Vegas isn’t a hell hole yet, so we go out to the pool a lot].

And I got Confidence. Confidence to do it again! Because now that I know what to expect I can much better focus on dealing with the things that usually steer me off my path. And I can much better lead others to make it through that initial anxiety and the doubt that comes later. And let’s see what changes I can make in a second round and how many women I can help do the same.

**Everyone’s results look different and not everyone has a weight loss goal. And if you want to do this program with support, you definitely do not have to share any before or after photos – only if you want to!