Nothing Changes Unless…

Nothing Changes Unless…

Nothing Changes Unless…

​You don’t have to wait until some media imposed good time to make changes! Let’s hold each other accountable NOW!

1. What’s your bad habit? Snacking mindlessly, smoking, drinking to feel better, messy?

➡I’m focusing on messy. It is an ongoing problem. I get caught up, and sooner rather than late, certain spaces look like something exploded because I don’t put things where they belong or I’ll “deal with it later!”

2. What good habit will you put in place of your bad one? Take a walk, read, meditate, call a friend, write Holiday cards….

➡To help tackle my mess, I will place everything in its assigned home. 

3. Create and action plan: do a search on your bad habit and how to eliminate it. Go out and learn!

➡ I will touch everything only once. Basically as of today, anything I pick up, has to be placed in its home. And whenever i move from one room to another, I will take something with me (yes, it’s THAT bad lol).

Let’s see how far I can come within one week, then another, and another.  One week at a time.  What’s a bad habit you want to replace?  Comment below and we’ll hold each other accountable.

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