Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

Everyone has a Buyer’s Remorse Story, right?? What’s Yours?!

Seriously. How many times have I purchased Health and Fitness stuff and never used it? TOO MANY!

From my HSN phase alone there was a mini Trampoline, that Glider thing with Tony and his long locks, some Cable pull thingy, a bunch I can’t remember.

Not to mention the January obligatory Super Duper Vitamins because the guy who owns the company has these amazing blue eyes that got me….three years in a row??‍♀️ And three years in a row they went to waste.

Then there was a Teeter Hangup I got on Craigslist, multiple RUNNING Shoes, at least one Spin bike from the gym when they bought new ones, multiple unopened boxes, and the CROWN Jewel….

A Bowflex Machine I got at a discount but still cost close to $2000…and that was WHILE I worked at a Gym!!!

I felt like a total idiot and I know what was missing: SUPPORT!

Here are some tips to avoid your next Buyer’s Remorse Story:

  1. Make sure it has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! More is obviously better.
  2. Make it a RULE to “use it or lose it” within three days of getting it to overcome your fear of failure perfectionism mindset asap! I wasted so many delicious meal opportunities by not using my Instant Pot for 6 MONTHS!]
  3. Get yourself some accountability buddies. This works for anything you want to get started or get to back to again.
  4. And if all fails, sell the thing online for what it’s worth – not for what you bought. You can’t make people pay for your remorse ?