Reasons You Might Feel Bloated

Reasons You Might Feel Bloated

When you feel bloated, does it seem like it will never get better? Read to see some reasons WHY you might get bloated.

Feeling bloated is never fun, and we’ve all been there. Bloating happens for a number of reasons and some of which are not related to food?.

➡️Bloating can be caused by swelling, gaseous pressure, water weight, can be a sign of a serious problem, or more times than not, a trivial one. 

There are a few different reasons why bloating occurs:   


Food Intolerances 

High-Sodium Diet 

Eating Late At Night ?

Consuming Too Much Soda 

Swallowing Air  

Certain Medications ?

Feeling bloated can be normal, but it can also be a sign that something is seriously wrong?. If you notice that you are feeling bloated more often, start tracking your food, bowel movements, digestion, weight and consult your health care provider if it worsens.