Redirect Your Thoughts

Redirect Your Thoughts

Redirect Your Thoughts

What a Saturday! When Life has hiccups, you either get caught up in the stream of negative emotions or you find a way to redirect.

Apparently it’s a “thing” to steal catalytic converters from automobiles and that was a bit of a hiccup Saturday morning when we needed our Van for Yardsale discoveries.

But we didn’t skip a beat and I said “take my car, you’ve done that before!”

You know What you focus on expands, so focus on the good stuff.

How fortunate was it that there were so many Community Sales close to home for easy drop offs.

How fortunate was it that, due to the smaller vehicle, better value items were rehomed.

How fortunate was it that someone who came to pick up one thing up also picked two of the new hauls today.

And how fortunate was it that I ended up not having a car to go to Costco on a busy Saturday ?

It’s not always easy to find the good in the hiccups, but with practice it gets easier.

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