RESHAPE You in ’22

RESHAPE You in ’22

We are going to be talking makeovers and HOW to Motivate to Reshape your mindset, routines, meal plans and your workouts! So make sure to subscribe to this blog for little mini-makeovers!

Up first: makeover your routine!

Did you know that the average adult brain has 40% less neurons (the little messengers that send information in your brain) than the average newborn baby? How can this be true? Adults have built up strong neurons for specific skills + habits, but, as grown-ups, we try and learn new things less often than newborns. This may sound like a bummer, but when it comes to habit building it is incredibly useful!

When you do something habitually, your brain works on autopilot. Things like how you wash your hair, brush your teeth, your bedtime routine, how you make your coffee… these are daily routines we barely have to think about HOW to do. When you want to bring something new into your routine, pairing it with a habit you already have down will fire those neurons and make the new habit stick that much faster!

I consciously started doing this in January 2021. I just wanted to see if I could commit to drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning for longer than 3 days, then it was 3 weeks, 3 months….and here we are: one year later, I am still ding it because I stacked the new habit with an existing one. I was already drinking a shake cup filled with water first thing in the morning. It was automatic!

So at night I placed my filled water cup next to the tea kettle, and placed a mason jar with the juice of one lemon in front of my water cup so I would remember to bol water and drink my lemon water FIRST.

It worked!

Here is a worksheet to give it a try. On the left column, write habits you already do each day. Then, pair them with something new you’d like to build into your routine: Habit Stacking Worksheet

What habit you are going to add on! Drinking more water? Flossing? Reading before bed? Taking vitamins?