APPLE 7 Drawing & Best Health Tools Sale

APPLE 7 Drawing & Best Health Tools Sale

Click for the full Cyber Week Sale, every purchase through my links is entered into a drawing for $25 Amazon Cards: ATTENTION Canada, UK, France: click in the top right corner of any linked page to change to your country and to see pricing for your location – (*Up to 50% off select items in the UK and France)

In-person Black Friday sales are back, but I think Online Shopping is much more time efficient – and isn’t that the ONE thing everyone keeps complaining about: I don’t have time?! If that’s you, and you don’t have time for being under the weather due to stress or laid up due to illness later in life, you do NOT want to miss these Beachbody Cyber Week Deals! And because I don’t like to wait around, I assume you’re very much like me, and you just want to get right to it!

No need to fill out extra forms, just use any of my links and you get me as your coach for extra accountability & support through your workouts and nutrition plans! But just in case: my Coach I.D. is 509195.

And BONUS: if you enroll as an Affiliate Coach (no need to actually do any coaching), you will get my exclusive 28 Day Personal One-on-One Coaching by text for free (valued at $125), plus personalized affiliate links with which you can earn 25% bonus cash back (just like Fabletics, FitFabFun and other subscriptions), and you SAVE 25% on any additional purchases. And when you buy a Total Solutions Pack, your Coach enrollment fee is waived!


Sales are LIVE now and any new or existing customer of mine who enrolls with any new Total Solutions Pack with BOD by November 30, gets entered into a drawing for an APPLE 7 Smartwatch! Enroll as a Coach Affiliate first and get TWO ENTRIES into the drawing!

There is a LOT to pick from, but if you have EVER thought about getting started on your health & fitness journey with me, the Beachbody Cyber Week Sale is the perfect time to save the most money. Even if you aren’t planning on getting started until the new year, get your stuff NOW while the prices are insanely low, and you can save your 28 Day Personal Coaching for January as well.

Obviously the biggest bundle is the best deal and BIGGEST Savings, but you can’t go wrong with the Essentials. Every Total Solutions Pack includes a 30 day trial of BODi Live Interactive Classes AND a 30 day trial of either Shakeology, Performance Line or Glow & Go.

You will get my group coaching and ongoing support with any purchase, but for maximum results you deserve to invest in the best tools and here’s my BEST DEAL RECOMMENDATION:

Enroll as a Coach Affiliate to get my 28 Days of Personal Coaching (change to regular Customer any time). You’ll be guided to the Total Solution Packs, I suggest you start with Shakeology (get the dairy free Vegan!), immediately use your 25% Affiliate Discount on anything else, e.g. Energize, Collagen, you add to your cart (on top of the Cyber Week Sale), get entered into the drawing for the $25 Amazon Gift Card and get two entries into the drawing for an APPLE 7 Watch.

If you are an existing customer whose BOD expires soon (within the next 2 months), you will SAVE more by going into your membership and “cancel effective immediately” and then purchase a Total Solutions Pack, rather than renewing your BOD for $99 for 12 months.

Honestly, this is a No-brainer – you KNOW you’re going to want to recommit to healthy habits come January, and with Packages being an additional $20 off through November, you can be READY TO GO! And in 2022 I’m going to teach you how to let go of the All or Nothing mindset!

Get yourself started today and once you complete your purchase, request to join my Accountability Group right away.

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