SPRING Cleaning & Clean Eating [+ Phone Wallpapers]

SPRING Cleaning & Clean Eating [+ Phone Wallpapers]

Who is excited for Spring?!! To CELEBRATE the First Day of Spring I want to share these Phone Wallpapers with you💐🌼🌷

But really…who loves Spring Flowers, Birds, Weather….Spring Break?!! What about Spring Cleaning🙈 I need all the accountability for cleaning in GENERAL, let alone a thorough CLEANING and organizing.

I’m much better at cleaning up my eating, so I thought “Why not bring people together who can support each other?!”

I gathered some tips for Spring Cleaning and now I NEED Accountability to actually DO it in a 5 day Challenge.

I know 5 days won’t be enough for ME, but it’s a start!

I’ll share my best tips for cleaning up your pantry and fridge that are simple, give you great swaps for your favorite treats and snacks and your BODY will feel clean up, too.

All of this will be happening inside my free Facebook Community. Click JOIN, grab your free Phone🤳Wallpapers and check in once or twice a day to get your CLEANING & EATING TIPS and to have the accountability to DO THE THING!