Taking control of my Sleep with 9 Week Control Freak

Taking control of my Sleep with 9 Week Control Freak

The last 3 months it’s been so hard for me to get good sleep! When normally I could easily go to sleep and, more importantly, get back to asleep, should I wake up. I practiced all the things for getting quality sleep, even created a mini course on all the things I learned that worked for us.

Right around the beginning of October my “fall back asleep” tactics stopped working. I started waking up with a racing mind worrying about anything and all the things. Things out of my control and things I could change, but was too tired and anxious to do anything about during the day.

This side by side is not my original starting point and it’s not my finish line. You may not see a difference, but to me it is a reflection of the changes I made in January to regain control of my sleep.

If you’re into Law Of Attraction, you already know that what you think about affects how you feel, your feelings turn into emotions, and those can show up in bad dreams and bad sleep. And all that…creates Stress and Anxiety.

What I do is about more than working out – it’s about fueling your mind with thoughts that help you reframe the way you respond to the world around you.

The last 3 weeks I started a new Whole Health Program you may have seen me share about. Tomorrow myself and the women who started in January are starting Phase 2 of getting better at dealing with Stress.

If you’re struggling with anxiety management, let’s talk about it❤.