What my dogs eat…

What my dogs eat…

I used to feed my dogs kibble.  It was decent kibble, or at least it was costly enough to make me believe it was good for them.

Over the years I’ve gone from buying kibble at the Vet for supposed bladder stone prevention, to minimum ingredients kibble.  They ate it, but it was obviously difficult for them.  Sox has tiny teeth, but she’s a scarfer,  and Snug… Well,  he doesn’t have one tooth next to the other.  Then when Humberto joined our family,  he had an equally hard time eating the kibble, even though I switched to tiny kibble.

I’ve heard that dogs supposedly don’t chew their food. I find that hard to believe, because they do chew veggies and fruits, I can see it.  But I think with their little teeth it was too hard to chew the kibble.  Once in a while Snug would have an upset stomach or play too hard and toss up his kibble again.  It really looked the same as in the bowl,  just softer.

I was always under the impression that kibble food was better because it would help keep their teeth clean.  But years of kibble, and all three dogs still had to have teeth pulled.

Add to the difficulty of eating it,  sometimes not even touching it (except for Sox!), the fact that it didn’t smell appetizing AND created a lot of bowel movements with the fillers,  I felt ot was time to change.  I’m all about fiber,  but with kibble I couldn’t be sure what was food based fiber and what was filler. 

So I started making my own: canine mealprep.

Today’s Breakfast:
1 soft egg
Overnight naked oats
Veggie smash
Egg shell
Flax meal

Stay tuned for my Veggie Smash recipe and how to cook the eggs so they’re easy to mash in the morning.  Dogs can get quite impatient ?


Breakfast Of Champions

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If you have any questions about clean eating for you or your dogs,  email me at mtrfitness@gmail.com And I welcome any of YOUR TIPS on making your dogs’ food.

🙂 Melanie

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