One Year Stroke Recovery

One Year Stroke Recovery

One Year Stroke Recovery

I made it….through my Workout and my ONE YEAR Stroke Recovery🙌🏼!

One year ago, on the last Wednesday of November, I had a Stroke. It happened during my workout and was later determined to have been caused by a carotid artery dissection…meaning that I had a torn artery in my neck, typically caused by forceful trauma.

The only possible force I had experienced within the last 24 hours was a Chiropractic neck adjustment by someone who had never worked on me before. My Team of Doctors were sure that caused it. And while I feel stupid for having gone against my persistent gut feeling to never get worked on by someone I didn’t know, I was relieved that there was an explanation and a preventable cause!

I feel fortunate that I was awake [I had gotten up early to finish a workout program] and that I recognized the symptoms almost immediately: my right arm gave out during an exercise, I got confused about how to turn off the streaming workout, I couldn’t stand and dragged myself to the other room, and I couldn’t form proper words to call out to my boyfriend. But he heard me and I got to the ER and into a CT within 40 minutes of the first symptom!

I think the first year you fear that it might happen again and that helps you BE MINDFUL. I am grateful for the lessons it taught me…learning to sleep more, knowing when to rest and recognizing anxiety because my thoughts aren’t serving my progress.

I am GRATEFUL for my ABILITY to move [workout!] and my speech. Yesterday I looked at some IG posts from the week after the Stroke and they made NO SENSE 😂Although I was convinced back then I had done a good job writing and correcting them lol.

This has taught me patience. I take more time to find my words [although I still try to be a fast talker] and I am more obeservant. And the nerve changes in my right side help me stay cool in the Hot Vegas Summer. Win win!

Having people to lean on is crucial and I am eternally thankful for my people, especially Bret and Angela who were with me for everything that I needed help with…but that’s only because I “let” them, because I struggle with accepting help.

And there were so many more who supported my mental determination because I never wanted to imagine “what if” but instead focused on the “HOW can I.”

Both my Dad’s upbringing to always fight and my Vital Behaviors for being a Coach have helped me with that Mindset! Because when something happens in your life you can lay down and curl into a ball or you can BE DETERMINED to fight.

What is something you have fought for and who were your people to help you through?