You Are Your Own Motivation

You Are Your Own Motivation

You are your own motivation.

I haven’t done a progress post in a while…who cares right?! Well there’s a reason and it’s something I’m working on….so if you read this to this end, this post was made for You.

Fall of 2020 is my Inspiration to get motivated right now, so that one year from now I can look back and say “I knew you could DO it!”

I’m NOT mad at my now, I know I’m strong and not needy. I don’t know about you, but my life seems to be about phases.

Lately I’ve been struggling with food addiction…and that’s a neediness I can do without!

I can’t tell you if it’s emotional eating for worry, boredom or some sort of Upper Limit Problem…when things are going GREAT in general, we tend to find a way to eff it up.

All I know is that I am aware of eating mindlessly; seems like an oxymoron?

I’m no longer someone who white knuckles it through restrictions, I know that I have the knowledge and tools to be my own inspiration again.

I know what works for me and I’m putting it to work again.

Our life is sprinkled with many Transformations, but the most important ones always come down to one thing: MINDSET.

You can transform your Mindset, too.