You Can See My Eyebrows!

You Can See My Eyebrows!

You Can See My Eyebrows!

Eeek, I got my eyebrows done!  I had followed my friend’s friend on IG for a while (@banu.beauti) because I liked my friend’s eyebrows, but I wanted to make sure, you know. It’s your face!

And although I was not planning on doing it before March of next year, things just fell into place and yesterday was the day.

Here’s a collage of the results so far. Stay tuned for a video upload of my first impressions of the experience that I did live on Facebook.

Healing Update: Day 2

This takes Selfies to a whole other level 😅But I want those of you who are considering SofTap or Microblading to see some of the healing process. I’m definitely grateful that @banu.beauti told me exactly what to expect, or I probably would have freaked out today 😄

After the treatment, the color actually gets DARKER for a couple of days, and then gets lighter and eventually looks more natural.  I don’t always put on a full face of makeup, but today I thought it was a good idea to adjust the rest of my face to the intensity of my eyebrows 😅 Still loving it!

Healing Update: Day 3

I’m either totally getting used to the dark color or it’s already getting lighter. If I were a girl who LOVED putting on full face makeup every day, then I think I would want the color to be this dark all the time.  The problem I have with full face makeup is having to take it off at night…when I’m so sleepy 😄

Healing Update Day 7!

My Face didn’t fall off!!!  I know you’re all waiting to get my Eyebrow update 😂 I love them! One thing I learned: I need the clip on Diva Ring Light for better close-up lighting!

It’s now Day 7 after getting my eyebrows done with SofTap and Microblading.  I’m probably butchering the lingo, but my point is that today is the first day I didn’t feel like I had to dress my face to match the intensity of my brows 😄 They’re definitely becoming more “natural.” One follow-up to perfect them in December, and they’re here to stay for a while!

If you’re in Las Vegas, St. George or Saratoga Springs – or is it Falls…or Lakes?! It’s in UT! Well, if you’re in any of those places and considering permanent makeup, check out @banu.beauti on Instagram, stalk her account or just message her for info. I definitively love it when you’re getting a service done, whether it’s by my Chiropractor Dr. Ted Sims, or something beauty related, and they tell you exactly what happens so you know what to expect!

Does this mean my face went under the knife now 😅 

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